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Employee Recognition

Recognise your team's Efforts

Employee recognition in today's workplace plays an important role in employee satisfaction and retention. Every company wants to make sure that they give credit where it's due to reward their team's efforts throughout the year. 

May it be rewarding an employee's long service in your organisation, an end of year reward or for a single recognition, Ovation has the solutions to suit your needs. 

Make sure you that your team receives the reward and recognition they deserve. 


Reward with Universal Vouchers


The Universal Voucher is the perfect solution for you to reward your employees' efforts throughout the year.

  • Extensive Rewards catalogue which includes digital gift cards, e-vouchers, plastic gift cards and more
  • Issued in any value and in 35+ currencies
  • Redeemable for over 1200 rewards in 120+ countries
  • Cost-effective and secure – delivered by e-mail
  • Branded online rewards portal and communications

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long Service Awards

Employees that remain within your organisation for many years should be rightly rewarded for their loyalty and their contribution. Today, few people stay in the same company for their entire career, which means that recognising long service is even more important than in the past.

Being able to choose the correct reward for such a moment is essential. A watch or a TV aren't as desirable as before and are difficult to fulfill on a global scale, our Universal Vouchers allow the recipient to select gift rewards no matter the location.


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Automate Employee Recognition

Our Direct Rewards technology makes it easier than ever before to reward your employees around the world.

Our pioneering API technology connects our global rewards network with your existing systems. Eliminate the administration usually associated with managing a multi-country employee recognition programme, whilst providing rewards in real-time.

Rewards Integration API 

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