Improve Panel Acquisition & Retention

Market Research Incentives

Incentivise Your Global Panels

  • Panel Acquisition – Find and attract new panel members
  • Survey Completion Rates – Improve survey participation
  • Member Activity – Reinvigorate inactive panel members
  • Panel Retention – Retain valued existing participants
  • Panel Member Loyalty – Create a meaningful bond
  • ROI – Ensure success through improved results

Incentives are proven to be the most effective way of encouraging participation in research surveys and focus groups. One of the biggest challenges when managing international market research panels, is how to incentivise your global audience with attractive panel rewards without it becoming an administrative burden. 

We will take away the hassle of operating panel incentives in different countries and help to consistently exceed growth, retention and survey completion targets.

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Eliminate Administration - Automation 

Integration to market research platforms such as confirmit, Nebu or Kinesis, enables points data and survey rewards to be managed instantly in real-time for a superior user experience whilst eliminating the administration usually associated with managing a multi-country incentive programme. 

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Rewards Integration API

Survey Incentives Work - Get The Facts

Higher survey response rates with an incentive

Higher panel acquisition and retention rates

Cheaper to administer when incentives offered

Sources: Medway, Research Now, Gallup 2015

Rewards Delivered in Real-time

  • Personalised - Received in local currency and desired language
  • Cost Base Savings  – No more costly postage and insurance fees
  • Guaranteed Delivery – No more items lost or delayed in the post
  • Convenience – Redeemed online at any time for any product
  • Security – Lost rewards are simply re-issued

As we engage more in the digital world, the appetite for digital voucher delivery continues to skyrocket. Survey respondents appreciate the great experience securely delivered digital gift cards provide.

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Global Reach

We've done all the hard work for you and have carefully sourced over 1,200 desirable gift cards across 120+ countries. Rewards are culturally meaningful and on trend, so you can be certain there’s an incentive to suit every preference and taste.

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  • Rewards issued worldwide - Unparalleled reward choice
  • Available across 35 local currencies – Locally desirable
  • Multi-lingual platform – Ensure local acceptance