Custom-built platforms and integrations

Reward Technology

Reward Technology Experts

Ovation has always been at the forefront of reward technology. We can proudly boast a number of industry firsts, including integration with some of the largest retailers, where rewards are generated and distributed instantly. We develop all of our technology in-house, which allows us to fully adapt our products to our customer's needs and requirements. We strive to keep updating and improving our technology to provide the best value proposition for your business along with your programme recipients.  

Universal Vouchers

The Universal Voucher is the perfect solution for all your incentive requirements. Perfect for incentivising your employees, customers, research respondents or sales partners.

  • Extensive Rewards catalogue which includes both digital and physical gift vouchers
  • Issued in any value and in 35+ currencies
  • Redeemable for over 1200 rewards in 120+ countries
  • Cost-effective and secure – delivered by e-mail
  • Branded online rewards portal and communications

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Sales Incentive Platform

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Our Sales Incentive Platform brings together all the features necessary to track, train and reward your sales teams and channel members. Gamify the sales experience to increase motivation with leaderboards, badges and rewards. 

  • Sales leader board to track progress
  • Internal quizzes for on-going training
  • Badges and gamification
  • Internal communications
  • Local and international gift cards to reward performance
  • Customised or off-the-shelf platform
  • Possibility to gain currency instead of points

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Direct Rewards API

Our Direct Rewards API technology allows you to integrate our reward catalogue in your existing programmes. From market research to customer loyalty, our API has many applications.

  • Safe and secure API Integration
  • Instantly deliver and fulfil digital rewards
  • Custom-built technology
  • Access our global gift voucher rewards in 120+ countries

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Rewards Integration API

Encore® Employee Recognition Platform

Encore® is Ovation's social employee engagement solution designed from the ground up for global enterprise organisations to align employee recognition to company values, culture and vision.

  • Real-time social recognition allows your employees to feel valued for their hard work 
  • Keep track of your teams, no matter where they are with in-depth analytics and real-time reporting
  • Reward performance with a global selection of gift cards
  • Fully Customised or off-the-shelf SaaS (Software as a service)

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ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Ovation demonstrates its commitment to data security by maintaining its Information Security Management Systems to an ISO 27001:2013 standard. This internationally recognised standard governs best practices of data management and security systems.