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Our Sales Platform brings together all the features necessary to track, train and reward your sales teams and channel members.

When a team member completes a sale, they will gain points which can be redeemed for rewards in the shop section of the platform.
Quickly setup your sales campaigns, add your products and sales milestones. Easily Integrate your sales data through file uploads or through an API. 

  • Sales leader-board to track progress
  • Internal quizzes for on-going training
  • Internal communications
  • Local and international gift cards to reward performance
  • Customised or off-the-shelf platform 
  • Possibility to gain currency instead of points

Monitoring Performance 

Keep track of your sales team's performance with our monitoring tools and graphs. 
As programme manager, you can compare your team members' activity, sales per product, region or on a global scale.

Each team member can also monitor their sales activity, their progress towards goals and compare themselves to their team members and company-wide averages. 

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Incentivise with Rewards 

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Team members can spend their points or currency on a wide selection of locally attractive retail gift cards. 
With over 1,200 physical and digital gift cards across the 5 continents, everyone will find something they'll love! 

Read more about our extensive global rewards coverage 


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