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Hall & Partners Case Study

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Hall & Partners is an innovative market research and brand communications company with more than a decade’s experience providing online samples for market research. YourWord is Hall & Partners’ online community of market research participants both in the UK and US.


The Challenge

How to create a loyalty program that increases the average lifespan of a panellist by increasing their engagement with the brand and their contribution to the panel in terms of generating insights and value to Hall & Partners.


The Requirements

Hall & Partners approached Ovation Incentives to help establish and create a positive experience for panellists by rewarding them for continued interactions with the brand with an incentive that is engaging, aspirational and motivational.

Over 90% of Hall & Partners research employs online samples, so mobile enabled rewards and instant delivery of these incentive rewards was also key.

With panellists in both the US and UK it was also crucial that rewards were inspiring brands that were appealing regardless of the individual's location.


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The Solution

  • 1 platform, 2 countries, 2 currencies
  • A choice of eVouchers locally desirable retailer brands
  • Digital rewards are fulfilled in real time directly to panellists inbox
  • Dedicated in house Customer Service team
  • Monthly reporting to track redemption trends
  • Regular new offerings and updates to the reward to ensure the catalogue is kept fresh and inspiring to the YourWord community.

The Implementation

  • API technology - allows direct integration and hosting of the selected retailers on the YourWord shop.
  • Branded communications – for delivery of real time rewards


  • 17% growth in panel size since launch
  • 68% average panel retention rate
  • 1,500 eVouchers sent to panellists daily
  • Digital rewards = 0 postage costs and no vouchers lost in post queries
  • 100% of international UK & US customer enquires answered within 2 working days
  • Used for other adhoc incentive request for other global projects