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Since 2001 Ovation continues to help international companies engage their teams, attract customers, reward success and deliver results.

Our trusted systems enable our clients to deliver sales incentive and employee reward programmes in over 120 countries, in local languages.

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Ovation Incentives have been a key incentive provider to us for many years. As a business that has a member base spanning 45+ countries, it can be challenging to source tailored rewards per geographic location — Ovation act as a one-stop shop to provide a wide variety of localized gift cards to suit dozens of locales. Through these localized, instant rewards, we increase member satisfaction and participation rates. Along with their robust portfolio, the team at Ovation consistently provide us with reliable, knowledgeable and friendly customer service.
RICS have been working with Ovation for our recognition programme since 2013. In 2019, we took the decision to move to Ovation’s new improved recognition portal. The team at Ovation led on this project and ensured we delivered in February 2020 as planned. The new portal has been very well received and the team at Ovation can always be relied on to provide excellent support, they are proactive and provide great customer service in a very timely manner.
As the company lead for recognition, I have partnered with Ovation Incentives on two re-launches to our recognition programme. Their insightful expertise and responsiveness has supported me in maximising a culture of celebrating peer to peer success. While we have a number of awards with a monetary gift, the most successful programme is our e-thank you feature, which is purely giving a shout out to a colleague on a job well done. The ease of sending an e-thank you has resulted in thousands of posts, which make me smile every day!

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