Market research incentives

Global panel rewards system for market research

One of the biggest challenges when managing international market research panels, is how to incentivise your global audience with attractive panel rewards without it becoming an administrative burden.

We can take away the hassle and help you exceed growth, retention and survey completion targets.

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How effective are rewards for market research?

Source: Medway, Research Now, Gallup

Higher survey response rate with an incentive


Higher panel acquisition and retention rates


Cheaper to administer when incentives offered

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Panel incentives benefits that our clients enjoy

  • Attracting new members
  • Keeping existing members engaged
  • Offering the most desirable rewards
  • Increasing completion rates and quality of data

Attractive rewards your members will love

Reward codes are perfect for market research panels like yours. Easy and cost effective to setup and manage. Simple to redeem.

With reward codes you can:

  • Send rewards in real-time
  • Choose the brands you want for your members from our huge offering
  • Let your members choose the reward they really want
  • Add your branding to emails and rewards webshop
  • Add a personal message to make it memorable
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"Since the introduction of the automated system, we have experienced a considerable reduction of the time we spend processing the payments and dealing with panel queries. Panel members seem very satisfied with this new system, which is reflected in the higher panel retention"

Panel Manager, Fieldwork International - Ipsos MORI

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Reduce admin with API integration

With our API technology we can help you:

  • Save time and money by removing the administration
  • Manage survey rewards and points data in real-time
  • Integrate to your market research platform
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