Sales Incentive Platform

Introduce rewards gamification to motivate your sales team and drive revenue growth.

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Rewards gamification

Add some healthy competition to motivate your team with leader boards, quizzes, badges and games.

It's a fun way to earn points and drive real results.

Leader Board
Employee avatar
Joe Smith
Pts 13,550
Green arrow up
Employee avatar
Alex Wilson
Pts 13,461
Red arrow down
Employee avatar
John Wilkinson
Pts 13,355
Green arrow up
Employee avatar
Laura Burns
Pts 12,976
Green arrow up
Employee avatar
Fiona Langley
Pts 12,095
Red arrow down

Communication and campaigns

Add custom communications and campaigns to keep your team motivated, engaged and informed.

Real time reports

Powerful reports let you track your sales teams' progress and performance.

Customise reports to track login trends, sales by product or categories and much more.

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Rewards catalogue

Customise your rewards catalogue from over 1,200 different gift cards and vouchers worldwide.

Exchange your points for the brands you love.

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