Reward Manager
Control and manage rewards from a centralised hub

Reward Manager is your company's personal hub to send and order rewards, manage budgets and gain insight on your reward campaigns.

Securely accessed (SSO optional) by designated managers with safeguards build in to protect your programme integrity.

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Order rewards and send your way

Place your order for reward codes and send directly to your recipients via email. You can even choose to have them delivered at a time and day that suits you.

Prefer to hand them out yourself?

No problem, securely download a spreadsheet with a range of reward codes or a series of PDF reward certificates. You can create multiple templates for different rewards campaigns or special occasions.

It's really simple and easy to use!

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Manage your finances

Manage your budget, generate invoices, reporting and more.

You can assign cost codes and PO's to each order and review historical invoices for reconciliation.

Payments can be made from you funded account, via company credit card or Direct Debit.

Reward Tracking

View order statuses and resend reward codes.

Filter order history by cost centre, department or manager.

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Your campaign template

Customise reward campaigns

Set up custom email and PDF certificate templates.

Create different designs for different reward campaigns such as peer-to-peer recognition, spot awards, years of services awards or employee of the month.

Time your award delivery for that perfect moment!

Powerful reporting

Discover the health of your rewards campaign with deep level insight.

Create your dashboard of visual data to get the most out of your programme, including:

  • Analyse budgets to actual spend
  • Who's given the most awards and who's received them too
  • Redemption trends... by country, department or campaign

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