Helping companies reward worldwide since 2001

For 20+ years we've helped companies achieve their goals by improving engagement, loyalty and retention amongst their customers, employees and partners.

We have built our business over the years by reinvesting our profits into the best people and technology to create truly incredible services for our clients. We're proud of our approach to doing business and the value we bring to our clients through our independent mindset and belief in our core values.

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Our mission

To make the difficult simple.

Running an international incentive and reward campaign is no easy task. With millions of people ordering thousands of rewards, in hundreds of locations with multiple languages and currencies there is complexity at every turn. Our job is to make sure that we manage all this brilliantly and efficiently on our clients' behalf - making the difficult simple.  

Our core values

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This is our inward looking value. Everyone has an important role at Ovation. By understanding and appreciating each persons contribution we learn how to build a lasting business.  

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Our outward focused value. We must always strive to do the right thing by our clients, suppliers and partners. Our reputation is forged through this.

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Pioneering spirit

As a self-funded business we must always seek to find new creative solutions and break new ground in our industry. Innovation and curiosity must be at the heart of how we think.

Our team

Our experienced and culturally diverse team of incentive and employee recognition enthusiasts and technology gurus continuously deliver on our global promise.

Over the years we've consciously employed people from all over the world. This has given Ovation not only a unique corporate culture, but an intimate understanding of national cultures that contributes to the DNA of our product and reward development.

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Our industry leadership

  • Founding members of Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) Europe
  • Multi-Award winner since 2002 to present day
  • Twice listed in Hiscox Tech Track 100 Fastest Growing UK technology companies
  • Jonathan Grey, Founder and CEO, named as one of the top 25 most influential people in the industry. (US Incentive Magazine, 2018)
  • Jonathan Grey, Founder and CEO, past-President of IMA Europe, and past board member of IMA global
  • Numerous industry technology-related firsts in digital gift cards and cross-border API integrations
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