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For over 20 years Ovation has been helping our clients run international incentive and promotions to drive sales and deliver customer acquisition.   Whether that is in the B2B market for structured sale performance, or large scale consumer incentives to drive product sales, Ovation has the experience in delivering cross-border marketing campaigns to accelerate your business.

Running an on-pack promotion for a consumer brand in 3 continents… Need an sales pay out incentive for partners in 39 countries… We’ve done all that and more.  Get in touch to find out how.

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Why our international B2B clients use Ovation to achieve sales success  

  • Experience. We know what rewards work best in what country - and we source them directly ourselves
  • Equality. We ensure that the same type of reward experience is achieved in all countries by al participants - no one is disenfranchised
  • Efficiency. A single reward partner for global campaign massively reduces internal administration
  • Certainty. With real-time delivery of e-gift cards, live visual reporting and comprehensive user support our clients know how their campaigns are performing...all the time
  • Comradery. We're just nice people to deal with who like what we do. It shows in our seriously long standing relationships with our clients and team

Our sales incentive solutions will enhance your strategy to grow sales, meet profitability goals and keep you ahead of the competition.

Consumer promotions that work in any country, in any language

Platform features:

  • Consumer on-pack promotions
  • Refer-a-friend or customer-gets-customer incentives
  • Prize draws and competitions
  • Cash-back buying incentives
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