Social & Ethical Policy

Ovation Incentives’ “Social & Ethical Policy” ensures that the organisation undertakes its activities in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner. This includes the ethical treatment of employees, customers, associates, contractors, suppliers and the public. The policy extends beyond the organisations direct dealings with people to include the social impact of its activities. The Managing Director, Jonathan Grey is responsible for the implementation of this Policy and compliance with the policy will be monitored by the Director of Sales & Client Relations, Vera Barovska. The policy objectives are regularly reviewed and are supported by other specific policies and procedures which are regularly audited by external bodies. Examples include, Health & Safety, The Equal Opportunities, and Environmental Policy.

Policy objectives

Ovation Incentives is committed to the principles of good corporate governance and to ensure that its business is properly managed for the benefit of its stakeholders, including its managers and employees. Ovation Incentives believes in honesty, integrity and professionalism in all aspects of its business. Bribery or corruption are unacceptable practices and Ovation Incentives will not knowingly participate in money laundering practices and is dedicated to taking all reasonable precautions to guard against this. Ovation Incentives is committed to the development of Quality Management Systems throughout the business.


Ovation Incentives strives to ensure that all employees are treated fairly with respect, and are appropriately rewarded. Our aim is to operate above the standards laid down by employment legislation and the 1998 Human Rights Act. We accomplish this by implementing an effective “Equal Opportunities Policy” and to acknowledge staff representation. Independent confidential counselling and advice is made available to all our employees upon request. Social & Ethical policies are communicated with and between its staff by various means including newsletters, staff presentations, meetings, and staff evaluation forms. Ovation Incentives actively seeks to develop and train its employees to realise their full potential to ensure future succession and a supply of skilled management. All employees receive annual personal development reviews which enable individual training needs to be identified. Key staff are identified and nominated for an external management training course – ‘Sandler Training’.

Suppliers of Goods and Services

Ovation Incentives endeavours to deal with all suppliers of goods and services in an open and honest manner. Preferred suppliers must adhere to a “Corporate Responsibly” policy (CR) with professional standards of respect and integrity. (CR policy available upon request).

Sourcing of Materials

Ovation Incentives has implemented an “Environmental Policy” (ER) which encourages the procurement of materials produced in a manner that does not use child labour, nor any other form of forced or inhumane treatment, and from renewable/sustainable sources whenever practicable. (ER policy available upon request).

Sales and After Sales

Ovation Incentives strives to meet the reasonable expectations of its customers and to always to treat them with respect.

Health and Safety

Through our “Health and Safety” Policy (HS), Ovation Incentives conducts its activities with due regard for the health, safety and welfare of its employees, contractors, clients, visitors and members of the public. (HS policy available upon request).

Charitable Donations

Ovation Incentives supports local charities wherever possible each year and can be nominated by employees and does not make donations to political parties, organisations or their representatives.  


Jonathan Grey – Managing Director  
Vera Barovska – Director, Sales & Client Relations

Glossary of Policies and Procedures in support of the Social and Ethical Policy is available upon request.