Annual Company Meeting 2016

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Ovation Incentives is proud to announce its 15th year as a global employee engagement and incentives agency. In an era when companies can come and go, Ovation has achieved innovation and steady growth.

To celebrate this landmark anniversary, Ovation held its annual company meeting on a sea fort off the coast of the Isle of Wight. The day started with meeting the team over breakfast in Portsmouth. We then left the port but we were unable to dock at No Man’s Fort due to rough weather conditions, forcing us to turn back.

Two hours later, when the weather was calmer, we were finally able to dock and lay foot on the renovated sea fort. We were first treated to a guided tour of the nineteenth-century fort that included a visit to the old dark gunpowder room and the lighthouse which had wonderful views of the Solent and the coast.

Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now. During our extensive company meeting, we didn’t dwell too much on the past but focused on what we wanted to achieve and our future objectives and goals.

As the sun was setting, we were treated to an exquisite meal followed by an evening with marshmallows by a campfire and a karaoke and games till the early hours.