Encore Update: Reporting 2.0

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At Ovation, innovation and continuous improvement are a couple of our Company values.
Our development team have recently implemented additional Encore back-end reporting features which give even more insight into how your team uses the employee engagement platform and improve ROI. Here are a few of the new features:

1. Global Heat Maps

The all new global heat map allows you to quickly visualise the number of recognitions sent per country. Being able to see where there is little to no activity is crucial to global HR teams responsible for managing employees across the globe.

country heatmap

2. User Engagement Chart

The user engagement chart shows how many people have been recognised and more importantly those that have not been recognised by a colleague in a defined time period. This is an another way to measure engagement rates across your organisation.

User engagement report

3. Recognition by Department

This is a hugely insightful report, providing users with a quick view of which departments use Encore effectively and those that don't. This chart allows you to drill down in detail whilst also gaining overall visibility of engagement in your reward and recognition platform.

Users by group

For more information about how encore could improve employee engagement in your organisation, get in touch today!