The 8 Best Employee Rewards From Top Employers

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Want to liven up your employee rewards system? Here are some of the most valuable and most appreciated employee rewards that are on offer regularly at some of the world’s top companies.

These perks are enviable and are likely to attract the very best candidates.

They could be the difference between someone who’s ‘right for the job’ and someone who’s ‘the job personified’.

8. Visa Inc Employee Rewards for Using Public Transport

To encourage their staff members to travel ‘green’, Visa has a benefits rewards system in place for those using public transport or car pools. In addition, they get discount tickets to amusement parks, cinemas, sports events and local recreation sites.

7. Cisco Systems Physio and Acupuncture

Cisco Systems’ ‘LifeConnections Health Centre’ at their San Jose, California, headquarters doesn't just offer employees a gym, or even some nice, clean showers for after a good workout. The centre has primary care facilities, acupuncture and access to physical therapy on site.

6. Boeing Christmas Presents Worth Having

This energy company is really into sports. Not only do they provide an indoor rock climbing the wall for staff to work out some of their stress, they also house an onsite 72,000 sq ft fitness centre which contains a sand volleyball court, an Olympic-size pool and a walking track. Plus, staff can get your SCUBA certificate courtesy of the company.

5. Chesapeake Energy Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

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4. Johnson & Johnson Private Concierge Services

As well as childcare and paid sabbaticals, Johnson & Johnson’s 12,000 employees have access to a private concierge service who will take care of daily chores for them including getting dry cleaning, returning overdue library books and other things that might get in the way of delivering their best work at the office.

3. Mattel Inc. Time Off For Field Trips

It’s hardly surprising that the main focus of this world-renowned toy company’s employee benefits is based on family. Their employees can enjoy paid time off (up to 16 hours a year) to attend their children's school trips.

And, of course, there’s a healthy discount off Mattel branded toys, which as employee rewards go, is a pretty attractive prospect for any parent.

2. 3M Extra Health Benefits

Best known for their sellotape, this company offers its employees a number of different wellness programmes, including enabling them to quit smoking, manage weight loss and get reimbursed for it.

There is also stress management coaching, a medical centre and gym as well as a pharmacy.

Furthermore, there are consulting services available for child and elder care for staff members.

1. Google Pretty Much Everything You Could Ever Want

It’s no secret that Google employs the brightest and best and rewards them exponentially for their expertise and dedication.

The various cafeterias and restaurants across their offices all over the globe offer what is essentially an all-day-all-you-can-eat buffet.

Added to this their otherworldly office decor, breakout rooms, bowling alleys, bocce courts, gyms and all the tech they could ever want to play with, it’s little wonder that, every year, over 2 million people look for career development at Google.

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