Countdown to Christmas

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48 days until Christmas

You have 48 days left to get your year-end rewards!

Christmas is just around the corner! This means it is time to consider the end of year rewards for your employees and partners. Why not use Ovation's Universal voucher code to ensure that your team receives the reward and recognition they deserve!

Encore - engaged employees

(Dis)Engaged employees

What is the most valuable asset of a company? Engaged employees! Where would a company be without loyal employees?

Did you know a disengaged employee can cost your business a lot of money? According to Gallup disengaged employees have 18% lower productivity and 37% higher absenteeism. This means engaging your employees is an important task. Luckily, we have a solution to increase the engagement of employees: Encore.

But how do you identify a disengaged employee? Here are 3 signs to identify a disengaged employee.

  1. The quality of work is an obvious sign. How often does your employee miss deadlines? Is there a decline in his or her work quality? How often does the employee show up late?
  2. Disengaged employees abandon any unnecessary conversations. They will do the bare minimum and will not show any initiative which often leads to a decrease in their productivity.
  3. Apathetic behaviour, a disengaged employee does not care if the business succeeds or fails. He or she will show no interest, concern or emotion.  

So, do not forget to reward and recognise your most valuable asset with Ovation Incentives!

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