Going Global

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We live in an increasingly globalised world and enterprise is now a truly international affair. You might be eager to exploit opportunities overseas to help bolster your long-term prospects. After all, by expanding your operations to appeal to markets abroad, you can massively increase your potential customer base. However, there are certain complications associated with this sort of activity. For example, you may find it hard to boost staff motivation levels among workers based in other countries. After all, trying to incentivise employees here in the UK can be tough enough. Thankfully, help is at hand. For example, here at Ovation Incentives, we offer a portfolio of voucher incentives for employees available in 35+ languages and 35+ currencies.

Don’t limit your options

Recently, a group of experts gathered at Old Trafford in Manchester to discuss the opportunities associated with foreign markets, Fresh Business Thinking reports. The specialists suggested firms that do not target customers abroad are severely limiting their options for growth. For example, Tony Brown of UK Trade & Investment stated that international trade is crucial for growth.


He said: “Focus on just the UK and that’s less than one percent of the global market. The customer spread is dangerously limited.” The specialist added: “Nor should businesses shorten their product’s lifespan by restricting themselves to a single market. Your product might have dropped off in one market, but is about to reach its peak in another. You can use foreign markets as an early warning indicator of opportunities and threats where the same or a similar product is more established.”

Rewarding staff outside the UK

At first, the idea of rewarding personnel based outside of Britain may seem like a daunting task. Indeed, if you try to administer such schemes yourself, you might well encounter a range of difficulties and fail in your objectives. However, with our help, you should find the process to be straightforward and effective. We offer a broad selection of employee rewards that consist of locally brand recognisable vouchers. With our assistance, connecting with your workers should be a breeze, wherever they are in the world.

The benefits

By using employee recognition schemes that are culturally relevant to the individuals involved, you stand to reinforce positive behaviour, raise staff morale and loyalty, energise and inspire employees and satisfy worker needs. Ultimately, this could boost your bottom line and help you operate more efficiently and effectively.

Ever more important abroad

Arguably, staff motivation schemes of this kind are even more important abroad than they are in the UK. After all, keeping an eye on your employees based in other countries is more difficult than it is here in Britain. By making sure they are incentivised to perform their roles well, you should find it’s easier to steer them in the right direction.