Ovation’s 15th Anniversary

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May 2016 is special: It’s Ovation’s 15th anniversary.

We have accomplished a lot in that time; numerous audiences have been motivated and incentivised across 5 continents, in dozens of languages and currencies. We’ve genuinely helped a lot of organisations realise their full potential.  

Since 2001, our incentive and reward technology has come a long way. Our flag ship platform “The Universal Voucher System” has evolved into a truly global incentive platform capable of delivering rewards in real-time.

With the recent development of our social recognition platform called “Encore”, Ovation Incentives has always been on the cutting-edge of incentive technology.

But rather than reminiscing about the past, I want to look to the future, as the next 15 years starts to unfold; I believe that Ovation is uniquely positioned to have a major impact on the incentive and performance improvement industry.

Check out Ovation’s history and timeline: