The Technology Behind Truly Successful Digital Rewards

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Research published recently by Actual Experience, showed that more than half of Business Users (55%+) do not know which issues affect the quality of digital experiences. The Digital Rewards industry is highly competitive. What we’re doing today will be updated and upgraded tomorrow. The technology has to keep up with consumer demand. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the most important considerations when choosing how (or who) to implement your digital rewards. The design, implementation and administration of digital rewards should be easy.

Eliminate Adminstration

Gone are the days when customers or staff would fill out forms, they’d be processed over the course of a week, a card would be sent out, the customer would have to go to a store or ring a customer service helpline to find out how many ‘points’ or rewards they had. Phew, what a lot of admin! Luckily, nowadays everything is computerised and the answers to customer queries are at their fingertips.

Integrated Systems

In terms of monitoring and retention efforts, almost 80% stated that they implemented annual reviews which included career development chats with staff. Encouragingly, 70% said they fostered an open and honest line of communication between managers and employees. But when this was questioned further, any in-depth techniques were lacking.

Save Time And Money

There are many reasons to implement digital rewards. One of them is the amount of time and money you could potentially save by not having someone manually calculate rewards, monitor their distribution.. Much less scaling that up to global distribution and managing a multichannel programme..

RealTime Rewards

Through a proper API integration, you can offer clients/staff rewards in realtime. Instant gratification is a musthave to achieve good client retention. It’s like the old adage, “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly”. What’s the point in creating a loyalty scheme, for instance, and then making people wait when there are plenty of competitors willing to invest more in order to give their audiences a superior experience? An integrated system should generate and distribute rewards instantly.

Mobile Optimised

Who has time to wait until they’re home to check the status of their rewards program? If your audience wants to look at their rewards now, they won’t want to wait until later. If you’re considering a mobile optimised site (and you really should!, you’ll want to invest in an HTML5 one. These are designed specifically to be mobile friendly and offer the user an enhanced experience quick, easy and legible!

Above all, you need to feel comfortable that the digital rewards system that you choose to implement is going to work for you and your business, and your staff and customers. Ensuring that it is futureproof will seal the deal.